Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Does everyone as they age have to have gray hair? If not, why?

No it's a genetic thing. Most people's genes dictate that they start losing pigment once they get older. BUT then you have some people, like both my grandmothers, who still have their natural color well into old age. (One passed away a few years ago but the other one is still alive %26 85.)
Not everyone shows it, but almost everyone has them. Darker haired people tend to show it earlier and more frequently. Lighter haired people have them, but are hidden within their natural color. Gray hair typically comes from stress. Be it in life or the tolls the human body goes through with age.
Gray hair is caused by the lack of pigment. It mostly happens as we age. Most of it is genetic. I guess it is possible for someone to have no gray hair, depending on how long they live and their genes.
actually, it really depends.

for one thing, different people have different hair colors, people who have red hair, they obviously are not going to get gray hair.

and for asian people, their hair is black, when they get old, they don't get gray hair, they get white hair.

but eventually, as people grow older, their hair color will change, whether it is gray or white.

it depends on the genes that person has, and also the food, the lifestyle that s/he has, it all depends, no one has figured out why and how.
My hair is not gray. (Don't tell anyone but shoe dye does a great job) I really have it done by a professional.

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