Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Does eating toothpaste make you sick?

does eating toothpast make you sick(as in a fever or something)
dont think so but try it
Not really.

I swallow my toothpaste all the time and I am still alive.
Why would you eat toothpaste
when there's chocolate in the
world ?
probobly considering it tells you to call poison control on the warning label if you swallow a little bit.
as long as you are not eating it in amounts like a snack, lol. then no it wont make you sick,.when i was a nanny my 2 boys got into the toothpast and ate some, we called the doc and he said no it would not hurt them but to make sure it wasnt an on going thing for them..it wasnt, they were just being sneaky little ones and decided to try some..
If the toothpaste is from China, then yes, it could make you sick. On the news last week, they told of possible antifreeze in the toothpaste and stopped all toothpaste from China, coming into the US. Yikes!
no but when i was a baby i ate a whole tube of it before my mom caught me and now i have permanent discoloration i think it permanent anyway
I understand that toothpaste does have an abrasive (somewhat like sand) in it so I would be careful if I were you not to swallow to much of it.
no i use to love eat toothpaste nothing is not going to happen to u k
Fluoride is poisonous in high doses.You would have to ingest over a full tube to become ill.I wouldn't recommend doing that.

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